Voters Tell Bavarian Inn Lodge to Keep Original Name

‘Family Fun Center’ Receives Voters Mandate

Nov. 12, 2012 – Frankenmuth, Mich. — The votes have been counted and the people have spoken.  Just like in our national election, the current party will remain in office:  The “Family Fun Center” will continue as the name of the entertainment area of the Bavarian Inn Lodge.

“Despite the $3-million expansion currently under construction,” said Judy Zehnder Keller, president and founder of Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge, “people have asked that we keep the same name. Like the old saying goes, ‘You don’t mess with success.’”

Since Bavarian Inn Lodge’s  entertainment area is being refurbished, Zehnder Keller and her staff thought perhaps the time was right for a new name as well — something to reflect the renovation. A contest was created, asking people to pick from one of four names for the Center as well as create a new name of their own.

The four names voted on were ® FunnerPlatz, ® Willy’s Kingdom, ® FunnerHaus and the existing ® Family Fun Center.  The runner up:  ® Willy’s Kingdom, which will be added to the current name: Family Fun Center – Home of Willy’s Kingdom.  As a result, anyone voting for the names “Family Fun Center” or “Willy’s Kingdom” will receive two free passes for miniature golf at the Lodge.

Zehnder Keller said she appreciates the more than 500 people who participated in the contest.  And, while she was genuinely surprised with the outcome, she was heartened to receive a mandate for the Center’s original name and pleased to get such a positive reaction.

“The Family Fun name has been with us since the Center was added in 1989,” said Zehnder Keller. “People relate to it and love it.”

The 35,000 square-foot entertainment venue offers all-ages recreation from pools to mini-golf to more than 100 video games.  The renovation is focused on two dramatic water slides — a body slide and a multi-person tube slide. The Lodge will offer four indoor pools — including a zero-depth entry and one for adults only.  Guests will also enjoy a fun facelift to the 18-hole mini-golf area. Both projects are planned for completion before Thanksgiving 2012.

Voting took place on Bavarian Inn Lodge’s Facebook page from Sept. 20 through Oct. 4, 2012.

About Bavarian Inn Lodge

Since its opening in 1986, the Bavarian Inn Lodge has undergone five additions, expanding the number of rooms, adding the Ratskeller Restaurant and a full service conference center that can accommodate up to 500 people. In 25 years of business, the Bavarian Inn Lodge has been an important destination for travelers, evidenced by the 1.25 million room-nights that have been booked there since its opening.

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